The Sinus Easy Fluid kit is specially designed to perform an innovative crestal sinus lift technique.
This kit allows for the injection, in a calibrated and predictable manner, of biomaterial of pasty consistency in a defined quantity, allowing for the simultaneous disconnection of the sinus mucosa and filling of the sub-schneiderian space thus created.
The use of Sinus Easy Fluid, therefore, allows for a radial and uniform distribution of the biomaterial, which, due to its pasty consistency, forms a dome-shaped elevation of the sinus membrane precisely at the future implant site.
The advantages of the proposed method are a conspicuous elevation of the sinus pavement achieved in a short time due to the simultaneous lifting and filling operated by the biomaterial. The learning curve of the method is short and the achievable results are not operator-dependent. The considerable advantage of being able to approach at the crestal level also reduces both the traumaticity of interventions and the
morbidity of the same.
This technique, which is aimed solely at the elevation of the sinus floor, can be combined with the more common implant tunnel preparation methods that are implemented in crestal elevation, whether they make use of rotary instruments or piezoelectric instrumentation.