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“Innovation & Flexibility” here at FMD are considered the foundations on which to build, together with implantology professionals, a common growth project. The company was founded over 30 years ago as a company operating in the central Italy area.
Aggiunto:“Innovazione & Flessibilità” qui in FMD sono considerati le fondamenta sulle quali costruire, insieme ai professionisti implantologi, un progetto di crescita comune. L’azienda nasce oltre 30 anni fa come azienda operante nell’area del centro Italia.
Eliminato: Over the years, FMD has gradually gained the trust of dentists, first nationally and later internationally, becoming a well-established and highly regarded entity in the dental field.

Your satisfaction is our success

We differ from others in the market because we produce and sell directly therefore each business function interfaces readily with the Customer in a partnership relationship.
Aggiunto: Ci differenziamo da altre realtà sul mercato perché produciamo e vendiamo direttamente pertanto ogni funzione aziendale si interfaccia prontamente con il Cliente in una relazione di partnership.
Eliminato: From design to production to sales, our only goal is to increase customer satisfaction.

The Team

F.M.D. is an acronym for Falappa Medical Devices and the company is managed directly by the three partners Sergio, Rossana and Marco Falappa together with their collaborators, workers, clerks, salesmen, one big family at the service of the Customer.

Each product meets international standards of safety and accuracy


Our products are regularly certified at the National Institute of Health (notified body CE 0373). Our company is also certified with CERMET in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 – UNI EN ISO 13485 standards.


June 2021

Comparative In Vitro Evaluation of the Primary Stability in D3 Synthetic Bone of Two Different Shapes and Pitches of the Implant Threads

The aim of this research was to study primary stability on polyurethane foam sheets of wide‐threaded implant design compared to narrow‐threaded implants.

AUTORE: Stefano Fanali, Margherita Tumedei, Pamela Pignatelli, Alessandra Lucchese, Francesco Inchingolo, Adriano Piattelli, Giovanna Iezzi.
DATA: Jun-21
PAROLA CHIAVE: polyurethane; artificial bone; dental implant; primary stability; submerged implants.


March 2021

The Effect of Threads Geometry on Insertion Torque (IT) and Periotest Implant Primary Stability: A High-Density Polyurethane Simulation for the Anterior Mandible

The aim of the present investigation was to compare different implant profiles to evaluate their influence on the primary stability on high-density polyurethane block.

AUTHOR: Stefano Fanali, Margherita Tumedei, Pamela Pignatelli, Morena Petrini, Adriano Piattelli, Giovanna Iezzi
DATE: Mar-21
KEYWORD: insertion torque; Periotest; polyurethane block; primary stability; thread geometry; thread pitch


November 2020

Anatase Forming Treatment without Surface Morphological Alteration of Dental Implant

The aim of the present study was to characterize the evolution of the TiO2 layer following different surface treatments from a crystallographic point of view.

AUTORE: Saturnino Marco Lupi, Benedetta Albini, Arianna Rodriguez y Baena, Giulia Lanfrè and Pietro Galinetto
DATA: Nov-20 
PAROLA CHIAVE: anatase; titania; dental implant; Raman spectroscopy


August 2020

Implant primary stability with an osteocondensation drilling protocol in different density polyurethane blocks

The aim was to evaluate an osteocondensing drilling protocol for dental implant positioning compared to standard protocol on polyurethane block.

AUTORE: Stefano Fanali , Margherita Tumedei , Pamela Pignatelli , Francesco Inchingolo , Paolo Pennacchietti , Gianluca Pace & Adriano Piattelli // PUBBLICAZIONE: Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering Agosto 2020; 3(2) // DATA: Aug-20 // LINGUA:eng // PAROLA CHIAVE: ….. // ARGOMENTO:….


April 2020

Micro-Raman Spectroscopy of Dental Implants Subjected to Different Surface Treatments

The aim of the study was to qualitatively investigate the structure of the surface layer of TiO2 on dental implants made of Ti-6Al-4V subjected to different manufacturing treatments.

AUTORE: Saturnino Marco Lupi, Pietro Galinetto, Benedetta Albini, Elisa Di Ronza, Silvana Rizzo and Ruggero Rodriguez y Baena
PUBBLICAZIONE: Applied Sciences
DATA: Apr-20 
PAROLA CHIAVE: anatase; dental implant; Raman spectroscopy; surface; TiO2



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