Who we are

FMD is an Italian company that has been designing, manufacturing and selling dental implants and surgical instrumentation for more than 30 years.

Our range of products can meet any clinical need of dentists and technicians in the field.

By controlling the entire production line, we are able to customize and create dental instruments and implants according to doctors’ demand-the ability to interpret market trends early is one of our specialties.

In addition, through experimentation and prototyping, we are always ready to assist our clients in new clinical challenges.


The simplicity of the system is provided by the single prosthetic platform and the single surgical kit for all implant diameters.

Our products

We respond to each case study with the specific implant. Our range is constantly evolving to meet the clinical needs of the surgeon and technician.

Courses geared toward practitioners

Our calendar is always full of events and courses for our doctors. During the covid-19 emergency, educational activities were temporarily suspended, but now that the emergency is over, we are resuming our courses. We also provide free webinars that we broadcast live on our social media to keep our doctors updated.