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The Clinical Implantology Course is aimed at the professional category of dentists (medical specialists with a degree in odontostomatology or a licensed degree in dentistry).
The course is aimed at disseminating theoretical and practical knowledge on recent findings in the field of implant-prosthetic rehabilitation, a very current topic that needs continuous updates.

Each section (theoretical, clinical case presentation, and practical) is supervised by highly trained and professionally experienced lecturers on topics pertaining to Osteoimplant and Implant-Prosthetic Surgery.

Please note that this course is sponsored by FMD, and all interventions made will be done on behalf of the nonprofit NGO “The Hippocratic Oath.”

Course Objectives.

  • Acquire manual and technical knowledge on: assessment of bone anatomo-physiology, surgical flap, fixture insertion, surgical suturing, and clinical expedients to facilitate outcome.
  • Acquire theoretical knowledge and updates on: Clinical Implantology and Gnathological Rehabilitation using various implant-prosthetic techniques.Program
  • Theoretical outlines of basic and advanced surgery

This will cover the topics that will later be covered in the practical course.

  • Practical Course
  • Basic and advanced surgery

Implant surgery on patient under the supervision of Italian Tutors.

Types of implant surgery that may be performed:

  • Implant placement in aesthetic areas.
  • Rise with crestal approach.
  • Rise with lateral approach.
  • Bone expansion techniques.
  • Post-extractive implants.
  • Bone grafts.

The course is limited in number

Course cost in single room: € 4,990.00 Course cost in double room: € 4,840.00

The cost of the course is inclusive of fees and taxes.
Included in the price are 10 dental implants and a loaner surgical kit. A welcome gadget pack will be given to all participants.
A certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of the course.

The cost of the course includes.

  • Theory day at FMD Training center.
  • Round-trip air flight (Italy/Brazil).
  • Practical patient-based course in Brazil.
  • Use of FMD facilities and tools.
  • Use of consumables needed for interventions (masks, gloves, sterile gowns, suture needles).
  • Hotel with breakfast included.
  • Hotel-clinic/clinic-hotel transfers.
  • Membership in the nonprofit organization “The Hippocratic Oath.”

Course MaterialsFMD will provide the following materials to the clinic for the Basic and Advanced Course: dental implants and surgical kit, bone expanders, fluid-dynamic sinus lift kit, lift-drill kit, mini-lift chisel set, osteotome set, split-crest technique kit, sinus-lift set, bone-pushing syringe, pins (pegs) kit, osteosynthesis screws, titanium grids, bone fragmenter, quick-graft depth stop drills, mucotomes, core drill, etc…(see catalog or FMD website for more information).Participants in the Advanced Implantology course are required to bring the biomaterials needed for the type of surgery they are going to perform.For bookings made after Feb. 10, 2023, costs may change due to any increases imposed by the airline or local organizers.

  • The course and program may be subject to changes that the organization deems
    necessary for technical or scientific reasons.



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