In the present paper the use of tapered-screw bone expanders (TSBEs) is proposed, in combination with the placement of tilted implants, in close proximity to the anterior sinus wall, solving the problem of the reduced height of the alveolar bone in the sub-antral area.

AUTORE: M. ANDREASI BASSI, C. ANDRISANI, S. LICO, Z. ORMANIER, C. ARCURI // PUBBLICAZIONE: Oral & Implantology – anno IX – n. 2/2016 // DATA: 2016 // LINGUA: eng // PAROLA CHIAVE: low density bone, sinus lift, tilted implants, tapered-screw bone expanders, bone expansion, Tilted Implant Expansion Osteotomy (TIEO).  // ARGOMENTO:Tilted Implant Expansion Osteotomy (TIEO).