The aim of this article is to report a case of full arch rehabilitation in severe maxillary atrophy, using a palatal approach implant placement associated with GBR and combined, at the same stage, with the bilateral transcrestal elevation of both sinus floor and nasal cavity.

AUTORE: M. ANDREASI BASSI, M.A. LOPEZ, C. ANDRISANI, Z. ORMANIER, M. GARGARI // PUBBLICAZIONE: Oral & Implantology – anno IX – n. 3/2016 // DATA: 2016 // LINGUA: eng // PAROLA CHIAVE: maxillary atrophy, palatal approach, GBR, dental implants, implant placement, taper spiral implants, combination syndrome, transcrestal sinus lift, sinus lift  // ARGOMENTO: seno mascellare